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Who needs drugs when you’ve got music?

The Jamcare medics did a great job!
They were very knowledgeable and professional about how to provide services at an event.

Laura Lockton – ReKinection Celebration, Producer

The JamCare Team at Bigfoot Electro was very responsive and aware throughout the event.
Numerous times while I was patrolling the event, I witnessed the JamCare Team on-site, communicating with participants, and helping the community.
During the crisis with our Security Director, they were very calm, responsive, attentive, and helpful to the situation.
They were an essential part of our music festival, and we will be very happy to have them back in the future.
I never needed to go find the Jamcare team, nor were they ever unavailable.

Axxam Sassy – BigFoot Electro 2021, Festival Director

For years the event has been fairly incident free but we always had a police car and ambulance on hand in case of emergency. It not only cost the festival a lot, but felt like a different kind of energy was present. The EMT's were always closed up in their ambulance and separate.
With Jamcare, our caretakers were part of the community, not only treating us when we needed help; but pitching in to keep the wheel turning, engaging with festival goers, artists and staff, to make sure everyone stayed smiling.
Jamcare was focused on our well being, health, happiness and overall experience, from beginning to end.

Libby Hendersen – Camp Euforia Music Festival, Volunteer Coordinator

Jamcare was well represented, extremely professional and exactly what we needed. See ya next year!!!

Josh Harper – Camp Euforia Music Festival, Producer