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Had a possible ACL/MCL tear. My leg went “bloop”, but I won. Thank you for doing what you do!

~ Jem,

I am so exponentially pleased with how you all did, especially compared to last year’s company. We greatly appreciated your collaboration with the fire crew; working together on calls and maintaining the safety on site.

~ Josh,

We had a couple minor incidents and one more serious. The response time was impeccable. Service was always positive and reassuring. After care was great. We were checked up on multiple times as my sister has sustained an ankle injury. JamCare is a wonderful group of people! Would recommend 20/10!!!!!

~ Adam,

I came for help with severe left knee pain. I didn’t know why it hurt so much.. The level of excellence in the care provided and the delivery of their knowledge in pharmaceutical management saved me.ย  I am grateful that JamCare Medical was at this event, and available when I needed them most! WOW, THANK YOU!!

~ Patty,

I had a cut I was worried I would get infected and JamCare gave me hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream and a band aid. Coming from out of state, I didn’t bring any of those things, so I was SUPER appreciative. I think JamCare is an essential part of these type of events and I’m so grateful for their help! Harm reduction is so important!

~ Sarah Cantrell, Texas Takeover @ The Dojo

Went above and beyond to notice I was in need and assisted me without asking. Excellent Service!

~ Samantha, One Love Fest

One of your medics saw me sitting in the car baking in the sun, passed out with the door open. He checked on me to make sure I was okay.ย Then came back with an ice pack, sunscreen and water and helped relocate me to a shady area. Above & Beyond! Thank you JamCare!!!


~ Omar, One Love Fest

I hope all is well with you, its Sam from Brunswick I just wanted to write to you to let you know I’ll never forget what you and the Peace Patrol did for me at the festival. You guys took me in when I was COMPLETELY freaking out/scared. Seeing how you guys give your time so people can have fun in a safe environment made me realize the good nature of the festival scene. I’m pretty new to festivals and that genre of music (Phan Fair was my 2nd festie in my life, it was also my 3rd and final time experimenting with lsd). I guess knowing theres so many people like you and others from the Peace Patrol means that in the long-run there is hope for the world…people willing to go above and beyond to help a complete stranger. I’ve decided to keep going to festivals, but I’m just going to stick to the basics and my roots (smoking pot and drinking beer, exclusively) so I can at the same time have a fun time and keep a relatively level head to keep myself and others around me safe and outta harms way, when you guys calmed me down at Peace Patrol base camp and made me realize i had control of the situation, I was asking myself how I could repay you. I will repay you and Peace Patrol back by doing exactly what you did for me, for someone I see who needs help at future festivals, and I will be able to help them because although I may be drunk I will still be able to function properly when the situation calls for it. I just wanted to let you know I’ll always remember you as a sister.

~ Sam, Fanfare Music Festival

Hi, it’s the girl from the all good festival who dropped down on friday night. i just wanted to thank you for your help that night. You were a big help in getting me back on my feet. the blue gatorade you gave me totally brought me back to life!

~ Amy, All Good Music Festival

I worked as a security guard alongside the Jamcare staff at Rock and Roll Resort and it was an absolute pleasure. The Jamcare staff is very friendly and they’re there to look after and tend to those that are in need. They respond immediately and are very easy to work with.

~ Anonymous, Rock and Roll Resort

My friend took too much MDMA, Jamcare associates came to his aid, determined he needed medical attention and brought him to the nurse station and prevented any unnecessary legal or hospital involvement

~ Anonymous, Mountain Jam

Got a little more than I expected when I came, turned a good night into a nightmare but the Jamcare people took care of me with EXTRA patience.

~ Josh, Mountain Jam

After a weekend of drinking and not staying hydrated, I passed out twice during Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. An EMT from Jamcare came and revived me, gave me water and a place to sit in the shade thus curing my ailments.

~ Anonymous, Mountain Jam

I was the guy who surcame to heat exhaustion and dehydration at JATG…. Just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for your help and quick response… you may not know this, but you guys saved my life. Deepest heartfelt appreciation to you all. You all rock!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Ronny, Jam at the Grove

I approached the staff seeking relief for a headache. The staff portrayed an excellent and professional demeanor and could not have been more attentive to my needs.”

~ Mary, Jam at the Grove

Knee was swollen all day after walking all day ( 3 knee surgeries) ace bandage and Advil applied). I love all of them, their help, their hard work and their love.

~ Melissa, Jam at the Grove

Craziness! Shrooms got the best of me. These guys really helped me out. Thanks for clearin my mind.

~ Tim, Backwoods Pond Fest

Music, beesting and lack of sleep. Excellent EMTs. I love your wonderful staff.

~ Beth, The Magnetic Gathering

My friend needed help and Jamcare came to the rescue!! They also helped me keep the fire going last night so we were all warm. Douglas is the man.

~ Liz, The Magnetic Gathering

While working as a security guard at the show, I was stung by a bee. The medical team was prompt and courteous to aid me , while being sure about my safety and allergies. They were very friendly while solving my issue.

~ Nathan, Catskill Chill

I had a bad head cold and wanted to make sure I wasnt running a fever and had clear lungs. Jamcare hooked me up and made me feel a lot better. Thank you all!

~ Michael, Catskill Chill

I ate a hallucinogen that kicked me out of control. I couldn’t communicate and I was freaking my friends out, which in turn drove me further away from reality. Jamcare found me freaking out and naked; I was reported to of hit my girlfriend. Jamcare is a miracle, they fixed everything. I love the general atmosphere of caring and dedication they offer with which they lend themselves to helping those like myself in extreme distress and need. I may not of ever came back to reality if it wasnt for their services. They belong at every music festival!!

~ Geoff, Catskill Chill

Thank you for providing a save and kind place to calm down from being to high. This is exactly what i needed

~ Sarah, Catskill Chill

I lost my friends and needed a place to sleep. I came to Jamcare and when I woke up I felt better, and Jamcare found my friends. Jamcare gives Love

~ Ken, Catskill Chill

You helped that girl in Brooklyn at Taous resto bar and lounge. I just wanted to say thank you and appreciate what you do. You guys are great. As a mom it gives me great pleasure to know that young men like you have started an incredible business to help those in need. It is reassuring to know that their is company like yours ready to help those in need at a very critical time. Who knows what could have happened to that girl that night. Not knowing where she was, her address, being beyond oblivious to her surroundings. Any one person could have taken her raped her and possibly killed her. It would have been a great shame. Please know that I admire all that you did that night and continue to do. Wishing you and your company the best of luck!!!

~ Nicole,

I ate mushrooms while dehydrated and was throwing up. Jamcare watched, listened and cared.

~ Lyndie,

I experimented on hallucinagenic mushrooms and got carried away dancing wildly and screaming with joy and crying with emotion and I worried my brother. He thought I would run off and freeze in the cold so he called for help and Jamcare was there to help me through untill I was emotionally well enough to continue on. I am so grateful to them and support their efforts.

~ Estella,

I was stumbling out of my campsite and having a rough one and I saw Jamcare. They immediately put a smile on my face, gave me water, a lollipop and got me a grilled cheese. Thank you Jamcare for this amazing system. It is what will bring every music festival to teh right place. Getting to know more of the Jamcare crew made me realize how amazing everyone involved in Jamcare is. they know how to put a smile on anyone’s face Thank you Jamcare. I don’t know what I’d do without you beautiful people.

~ Carlie,

I went down at LIFT Fest because I had one too many. The EMTs picked me up and escorted me back down the mountain/ Because Jamcare was there they helped me and I did not have to go to the hospital. I chilled with them and now I will return to the show.

~ Lucas H,

Sunday morning was going so well. It was beautiful, the night had ended and the last day of Sonic Bloom was starting before us. My girlfriend that I was camping with had been separated the whole day/night we met up with some of our other friends and decided to walk to one of the tents to party some more. I noticed she seemed slightly out of it, but nothing too abnormal considering we all had been up partying for two days. There was four of us, her and I and two of our other friends. I was walking with one friend and my girl was walking with the other slightly behind us. My other friend and I noticed people coming from the other way pointing at something with concerned looks on their faces so we turned around to see what was happening. There was a girl seizing on the ground. I looked around to see where my girlfriend was but I suspected she ran into other friends and took off like she had done most of of the weekend. Our other friend was helping whom ever was on the ground. I walked to a group of people near by trying not to watch or make the situation worse, making silly comments like “could you imagine being that persons friend, having to deal with this now and being worried..” ect. Ive known my friend for 7+ years and the girl I saw on the ground looked NOTHING like her.. come to find out it was. By this time jamcare was already there helping and calling peremedics.. mind you I am tripping on mushrooms, having all this hit me (and all of us) so fast. Jamcare did an amazing job with her, my self and every one involved making sure she got the proper treatment and even helping defuse the situation. I have no idea what we all would of done, I was so stuck Ive never experienced something so intense. Jamcare was very quick to respond. Jamcare was understandable and genuine;ย  they made such a crazy, overwhelming situation flow as smoothly as possible. They truly cared about my friend and myself. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

~ Anonymous,

I recently attended Sonic Bloom festival in Georgetown Colorado, I cut my hand open the very first day, before even entering the festival. I asked for help and instantly the parking attendant said stay here they are coming to you, with in 20 minutes I had it bandaged up. Andrew (the emt) said come back as soon as your camp is set up and we’ll clean it again and make sure you won’t need stitches. They proceeded to give me the best care and attention anyone could ever ask for, better than ER’s I’ve been to. Thanks to Roberta, Adam, Andrew and everyone else at the medical tent, it’s been less than a week and my cut that originally should have gotten stitches is completely healed. I’ve had the worst stories about medical tents at festivals. You guys are a whole new level of care, thanks to the whole team, my weekend was perfect. I can’t say this enough, thank you, thank you and thank you a thousand times more. Feel free to contact me for anything, I would love to help you guys out in anyway I can.

~ Mike,

Im the one with the hurt foot you helped Saturday night at Sonic Bloom, just e-mailing to thank you and I can’t thank you enough!! Fractured foot in two places and pulled some tendons! Ouch and oops! Everything worked out though, sat in the hospital for ONLY 3 hours, but I am on crutches and feel better already! I seriously can’t thank you enough for putting your time, effort and kind words into helping me get to my car ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys have a solid organization and I wish you the best in what you do cause your awesome and without you that night could have been a lot worse. Take care and hope your future life adventures are everything you hope they are!

~ Nicole,

I really appreciate the support and care that Jamcare gave me when I wasnโ€™t the in the best state. They have the best staff. I felt safe and in good hands.

~ Erin,

I had ant bites on my feet. The Jamacare staff was friendly and professional. Made me feel safe and taken care of. Not grossed out by anything. I love you Jamcare!

~ Nina,

Suffering from cramps and sun care and Jamcare is there to take care of us.

~ Rachael,

I was miserable with poison ivy / oak; my skin was redish purple and itchy. I wanted to cry and leave. I feel so much better now. They took excellent care of me. They went out of their way. They even fed me and gave me water. I love them so much. The are AMAZING!!

~ Diana,

I sprained my wrist. The Jamcare team wrapped my wrist and made it feel better so I could continue having fun throughout the weekend.

~ Danielle,

I had very uncomfortable splinters in my feet. A relaxed and friendly staff provides very peaceful care and aid and removed them. They are very professional. It nice to see a community based team like this at festivals.

~ August,

Got bite by ants and my hard started to swell up. Super awesome and helpful. Made me feel a lot better and less anxious about my incident.

~ Noelle,

I hurt my foot and Jamcare cleaned my foot and wrapped it up for me. (Ripped toenail) What a great and knowledgeable service. Thank you Jamcare.

~ Ben,

Spider bite. They were really nice and helpful, despite the menial nature of my “injury”.

~ Zac,

Gentle, knowledgeable, loving, volunteers. Courteous and professional.

~ Audree,

For the last two years I have had friends of mine in need medical attention at Catskill Chill. Both situations were very different, but both times the staff were phenomenal! As a former EMT I always go to festivals prepared with an extra large first aid kit, but even the most prepared of festie participants can’t plain for certain things transpiring. This past year when my best friend dropped to the ground and became incoherent our group started to freak out. The response time from Jamcare was so impressive and you took such good care of my friend and helped in calming down the rest of my group. There is such a need for the services that you all provide. Thank you so much for everything you do.

~ Berta,

Well the first night of the event I got caught without a wristband, and Jamcare took me in so i didn’t get arrested, which I am very thankful for. Then, the second night i got a little out of hand with the substances I was taking and Jamcare was there again to help me settle down until I could go and get help off site. I love everything about Jamcare. They truly cared for me while I was jamming, They were some of the nicest people I have ever meet. They took really good care of me while I was incapable of taking care of myself. They have the best vibes and were a big help when vibes are getting low or out of hand. To Jam Care and all the people who are involved – MUCH LOVE Y’ALL!

~ Lance,

Just wanted to say thanks so much for the waters this weekend at Gnarnia. I cant believe they didnt have ample drinking water for their patrons, good thing you were there ๐Ÿ˜‰ And THANKS A MILLION for the lost and found, I was without my phone for 4 hours and then you guys had it. AMAZING! Thank you so much.

~ Kevin,

The Jamcare EMT was phenominal, absolutely responsible and posessed phenomanal energy that was a great addition to the event.

~ Izzy,

The Jamcare EMT that worked my festival was fantastic. thanks for the great service.

~ Rob,

I am on my way back with my girlfriend and friend to reattend the Rootwire 2013, and all because of the wonderful attention of Jamcare. Having imbibed an unknown substance, I sought refuge at my camp site, only to determine I was being followed. Rather than the federal agents my paranoid delusions insisted were culpable, it was the concerned community of Jamcare, wishing to see me safely to my site. Unbeknownst to me, I assume the former, and engage full panic mode, which leads to a host of bizarre shenanigans, including but not limited to, stomping through campsites, insulting fellow family members, and falling into the same damn creek, 3 or 4 times. I was rescued, rather briskly, once it became necessary to prevent damage to myself or others. Between rocket mood shifts of mildly insane fevers ions and depravity, Jamcare demonstrated the utmost sincerity in their attendance to my elusive albeit genuine medical needs. a team of EMTs as well as a truly gifted Reiki practitioner, I was rendered comatose inside the medical tent for some 6 hours. On my own time, I was given a ride, water, and reunited with my concerned mates. I’ve now left, been cleared by a licensed physician, and if it wasn’t for Jamcare’s allowances, there is no way I would feel comfortable to return to the festivities. Lesson has been learned, however else I could ever repay you, I’m yours truly.

~ Anonymous from Rootwire,

Hey there, just wanted to drop a note and let you all know how thankful I was for you guys this weekend at Arise. I had a seizure Friday night and you guys made it a half way enjoyable experience. Never had a seizure before so it was very scary and you all were more than loving and caring ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so so so much, I will never be able to show my pure gratitude for those who sat in the tent with me that night. I met several people who know Avi personally and had nothing but wonderful things to say. Thank you so so so much, I will never forget those of you who sat and chatted with me until I felt well enough to head out on my own. Seriously, thank you so much you guys are the shit!!

~ Shelby,

You guys are really doing it! I see you guys taking care of people at shows even when Jamcare is not even booked to be at the event. All the Jamcare kids spread love and light. We need them in our scene to balance out the more negative element. They are the best safety and first aid team ever!

~ Zach,

Everything was madness, yet even amidst it all, Jamcare was there for me. Jamcare was a very calm and centering place for me. Thank you for saving me!

~ Jeff,

Jamcare found me lost in a very confused state. They possessed and extended a very soothing energy that helped bring e back to a shared consciousness. This team is an amazing treasure!! I hope y’all appreciate them as much as I do!

~ Timothy,

I just wanted to give a huge thanks to all of jamcare and especially Avi and Jason for not only taking amazing care of my best friend and getting her to the hospital safely and in time, but also for accepting me into the family and taking care of me after I got stranded alone when she left. Much love, so much gratitude, and a boatload of respect for all of you and what you do! Can’t thank you enough.

~ JoAnn,

Just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to the persons on staff at Founder’s Fest. I dislocated my patella, and they were rock stars at taking care of me. I could not have asked for better care. Thank you so, so much!!!

~ Ahlissa,

I approached the staff seeking relief for a headache. The staff portrayed an excellent and professional demeanor and could not have been more attentive to my needs.

~ Mary,

I really appreciate the support and care that Jamcare gave me when I wasn’t the in the best state. They have the best staff. I felt safe and in good hands.

~ Erin,

My husband and I want to thank you for your kindness in dealing with Jesse this past weekend at Meltdown Concert. You were gentle, knowledgeable, courteous and professional. Your calm manner helped us to remain calm and deal with a very uncomfortable and frightening situation. Your non-judgmental attitude and demeanor helped our son to also remain calm. It was a very long and stressful drive home but we made it. It was touch and go for a while and we were moments away from taking him in to the ER. He finally calmed down, ate and slept. Much later he told us his story, which was frightening to say the least. I think he is probably lucky to be alive. He will follow up with his Dr. in the next few days. You may (or may not) get a phone call from his Dr. as we will be sharing your contact information. Thank you again (as well as all of the wonderful volunteers involved with your program) for your help dealing with our son. Take care and keep doing what you do, because you are good at it.

~ Nancy and Tim,

I want to THANK YOU first of all for being such a Great Presence having Jamcare at the Festival. Thank you for your contribution to our unity and community. I came over just to get a bandaid for a tent stake I stepped on, and was freaking out, and Jonah was simply wonderful. What a lifesaver!

~ Jamie, Gratitude Summer Dream,

At Sonic Bloom, I ended up getting naked at the main stage and was picked up by Jamcare and was taken to their booth. They completely comforted me and took care of me until the sun came up. I completely believe they saved my life that night.

~ Raul, Sonic Bloom,

I had mild heat stroke and hit my head. Was well taken care of. Donโ€™t remember anything! I love that they made sure I was ok and were genuinely concerned for my well being.

~ Tony, Beanstalk Festival,