To provide the best medical care available to attendees of music festivals, concerts, and mass gatherings.  By specializing in crisis intervention, drug education, community support and wellness, our team provides direct face-to-face contact with those in need in a positive atmosphere. In doing so Jamcare decreases the number of unnecessary medical transports and unwarranted legal involvement, thereby nourishing a more positive experience for attendees, event staff, local medical staff, and local law enforcement.

Our experience dictates that no two events are identical, therefore our services are tailored to the individual needs of each gathering. Cumulatively, the officers of Jamcare, LLC have over one hundred years experience with this specific demographic. 

With staff composed of trained professionals assembled from diverse backgrounds and highly qualified doctors, nurses, and techs that have seen it all, it is our privilege to give back to the community which we have loved and cherished for so many years.