You Jam, We Care

Jamcare supplies medical, nursing, and psychological care for attendees of musical festivals, mass gatherings and concerts. Our uniquely qualified staff, experienced in crisis intervention, tailors our services to each event and provides care to attendees  with sincerity and without judgment. In doing so, we improve the reputation of the live music industry.

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Raves and Saves: Massive Music Festivals Call for Advanced Emergency Care

16 Fans Hospitalized At Skrillex Concert In Chicago

One Dead, Dozens Hospitalized at 2011 Electric Daisy Carnival in Dallas

For years the event has been fairly incident free but we always had a police car and ambulance on hand in case of emergency. It not only cost the festival a lot, but felt like a different kind of energy was present. The EMT's were always closed up in their ambulance and separate.
With Jamcare, our caretakers were part of the community, not only treating us when we needed help; but pitching in to keep the wheel turning, engaging with festival goers, artists and staff, to make sure everyone stayed smiling.
Jamcare was focused on our well being, health, happiness and overall experience, from beginning to end.

Libby Hendersen – Camp Euforia Music Festival, Volunteer Coordinator

Jamcare was well represented, extremely professional and exactly what we needed. See ya next year!!!

Josh Harper – Camp Euforia Music Festival, Producer

"Jamcare has been a great addition to our festival, and we look forward to using them again! The team members are super positive ready to handle any situation. They always go above and beyond contributing to the festival not only with our medical needs, but they do whatever else they can to help us onsite as well. They truly bring a great vibe and a helping hand to our festival!"

Kenneth Rich – Camp Trip Oasis Music Festival, Producer

Jamcare's staff is experienced, compassionate, and easy-going, adding to the overall good vibes one seeks during a festival experience. We are happy to have found them and look forward to developing our relationship.

Kali Poulin – Production / Operations / Staff Management