Jamcare is a team of seasoned emergency medical professionals, psychologists and crisis intervention workers serving the music community at large and contracted by festival producers. Jamcare is designed to provide an alternative to ambulance action whenever possible for medical emergencies, substance abuse and mental health crises. Jamcare boasts extremely prompt response times as well as capacity to handle multiple emergencies simultaneously.

Often Jamcare is hired to be the principal first responder team at a festival. However, sometimes we simply lend a helping hand to the festival’s existing medical team by setting up our own infirmaries and on-sight substance abuse cool down zones. Our experience dictates that no two events are identical, thus our services are custom designed specific to the individual needs of each gathering.

Below are the three different packages we offer:

Package 1Helpin Hands
This basic package provides a Jamcare team to assist the existing medical personnel with substance abuse emergencies as well as mental health and behavioral problems. Jamcare professionals handle each substance abuse situation with sincerity and without judgment and specialize in drug education and awareness. A private substance abuse cool down zone can be set up and monitored as needed, or 24/7 throughout the event.

Package 2Beepop Rocksteady
Jamcare will be your principle first aid response. We will provide a fully qualified team comprised of certified first responders: EMT’s, Paramedics and Registered Nurses (if requested) along with a mental health professional/psychologist. The components of our team can be uniquely tailored according to the specific needs of each event.

Jamcare will set up a public first aid booth for the general public needing assistance. We will also provide a separate private substance abuse cool down zone where our professional teams provide immediate assessments and emergency stabilization in cases of urgent medical need or psychological crises. We handle substance abuse in a non-judgmental way while simultaneously aiming to promote safety and wellness.

Jamcare also provides around the clock surveillance of the entire festival grounds. We curb countless mishaps such as dehydration, fights and slips & falls from occurring to patrons whose faculties may be impaired. We also take care of the staff at any festival and make sure they have enough water, food and rest to work safely and comfortably.

Package 3Doctor Rockmed
This all inclusive package includes everything in the “BEEPOP & ROCKSTEADY” package as well as a doctor for either on-site or online medical control. A Jamcare doctor will assume full medical responsibility and liability at your event.
Jamcare is not designed to respond to violent situations or life-threatening medical emergencies. Jamcare staff does not carry weapons and has no authority to arrest or detain persons against their will.
Nigel Hall
"Everyone needs help at some point and it should be available by people who are qualified to do so because you cant always count on your friends."
Nigel Hall