"Jam care Medical serves our community with love and no bias. Their safety and medical services are an essential backbone to a successful event!!"
Maurice “Mobetta” Brown

"Jamcare Medical was the perfect fit for our event. They were great. They kept us safe and were there for us when we needed them!"
Anissa, The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

"Jamcare provided Gratitude Summer Dream with an extremely reliable service, comprised of technicians that were professional, forward thinking problem solvers and most importantly kind and respectful of the attendance."
Avi Werde, Producer of Gratitude Summer Dream

"Your team was amazing and we will be contacting you again for next year's Carnival. "
Christina Shallow, GCR Entertainment 

"The medical needs of concert and festival goers are unique and in order to be adequately met they require a very particular knowledge and experience set. Jamcare understand this and provide a service like no other. They are a reassuring presence at any gathering."

"Thank you for helping me with your EMT services for this event, it was a pleasure working with you. Your EMT's did a great job, and it was a pleasure working with them as well!"
Dave Risen, Perceptive Music

"Jamcare was very professional and attentive. I will certainly be using their services for all future endeavors." "
Corey Petree, Producer, Fky Free Fest

"In the two years we have worked with Jamcare, we have learned that an indispensable service they provide to an event. The are very knowledgeable about the music scene and its patrons, so they are able to assess most emergency situations instantly and provide help. They are professional and flexible. I highly recommend Jamcare!"
Paul Levine, Producer, Bear Creek

"I'm so happy that we hired Jamcare for the first annual Weird Bass Music Festival! Their team is fully aware of the festival culture and the unique medical needs that often come with it, which enabled them to provide judgement-free care when it was necessary. Jamcare is an absolute MUST for any festival and will be a part of WBMF for years to come!"
Nicole Denton, Weird Bass Music Festival

"Im happy to see Jamcare present at our show. They provide a safe and comforting refuge in a chaotic environment. It's loving care, medical treatment and good sober guidance all rolled into one."
Jeremy Salken, Big Gigantic

"Working with Jamcare over several different events, I have learned how professional, sincere and savvy they are. They work very hard to ensure safety onsite and handle every incident in an unbiased, professional and experienced manner. I love having Jamcare at my events!"
Travis Arendes, Producer of Funky Leap and Jam-O-Rama

"Very professional but with a chill laid back vibe. All Around good people, nice to have around "
Andrew Bonsall, Fusion Fest, Producer

"JamCare has proven to fill a niche in the music festival scene with an excellent team of caring, educated, and patient individuals who are admired by patrons and police alike. These professionals take pressure off of EMS and a load off local emergency rooms. Some law enforcement love JamCare and ask why they are not at every music festival. They should be a staple for they are so invaluable. A bad experience turns into a positive one with JamCare Family."
Sonny Perez, Bear Creek, Project Manager

"Jamcare provided an excellent service to my festival, the Catskill Chill over the past few years. I would be happy to recommend them. Their level of care was outstanding."
Larry Siegel, Catskill Chill, Land Owner and Producer

"Jamcare is an essential tool for the success of any event for the safety of the patrons.  It is the cornerstone for a successful festival. Any responsible promoter should view Jamcare and if they are not providing as responsible of a program that Jamcare can offer then they need to take serious consideration in taking Jamcare on.  Symbiotic Event Services has had Jamcare at several of our events and have had noticed that this program is not only an EMT certified program it is one that understands the culture and atmosphere of these events."
Jeffrey Swagger, Sonic Bloom

"Jamcare is a great company that cares about the community it serves! It is a relief to put on a multi-day event and know there are people on site that can help take care of your patrons in a professional way!"
John Arnold, Karma Music Festival

"I think what Jamcare does is essential to the festival community. It is necessary to have understanding medical staff for any large gathering of people, and I believe Jamcare does a great job at being there for people, and professionally delivering the medical attention  that anyone may need at your event."
Hanz Currier, Wolfsburg Farmefest

"JamCare was an integral part of our music festival.  Not only are they completely qualified, professional and motivated to do their job, but their character, vibe and work ethic is kick-ass and perfect for the environment they work in.  With everything else on a producer's plate for a festival, JamCare settled my biggest concern - safety.  The responsibility and duty of JamCare is not an easy one.  But they handle is with care, extreme knowledge and effectiveness.  JamCare will be booked for all future events.  It's a no-brainer."
Johannah Scarlet

"I felt like Jamcare takes their job very seriously. Once setup, they were routinely vigilant and responsive and very very friendly. I would go to any field, anywhere in the world with Jamcare."
Ryan Opperman, Producer, Opple Topple Festival

"We had the privilege of working with Jamcare twice at our music festivals in the last year. Though both events were fairly quiet in the need of their services. They were there when we needed them most. The peace of mind they provided for us, the sponsors, the local departments as well as the participants was PRICELESS! Thanks Jamcare, we look forward to working with you again soon!"
Meredith Page, Confusion Fest

"Extremely important helpful medical information that activity protects people. I feel safe when I see that Jamcare crew! Passionate, qualified staff that has your back, I will never have a large scale event without Jamcare."
Charles Blisker, Organic Vision Present

"It is encouraging to see crews like a Jamcare present at these kind of social functions, often times the experience at a music festival can be extremely initiatory and intense for the inexperienced. Thankfully Jamcare is living up to their namesake."
Anthony Thogmartin, Papadosio

"Good people taking care of good people, more of this type of thing needs to go on in the world."
Brock Bowling, Zoogma

"Very good setup, staff were all great people to work with, would like to work with them again. Keepin it safe. Thanks"
Stephen Rogers, South Star EMS

"Jamcare’s staff is very caring, professional and responsible. Working with them was a sincere pleasure. South star EMS would be privileged to work with them at any opportunity in the future. They are such an awesome group!"
Tory Bedichek, South Star EMS – Chief Commander

"The medical needs of concert and festival goers are unique and in order to be adequately met they require a very particular knowledge and experience set. JamCare understands this and provides a service like no other. They are a reassuring presence at any gathering."

The Come Up Music Festival
"Jamcare staff are professional and very knowledgeable with festival work. They are a pleasure to work with and are very helpful in customizing to your needs. Thanks to Jamcare's help The Come Up Music Festival 2012 was a safe and friendly event. "
Isabel Vinson, Producer, The Come Up Music Festival

"We were very lucky to not have any major situations arise at Amberland this year, but for the minor things that did pop up, the Jamcare team was right on top of it providing immediate support and continuing care for those that needed it.  I appreciate the hard work and effort that went into their planning ahead of time and throughout the event and would definitely utilize them for Amberland again."
Ethan Schwartz, Producer, Amberland

Matt Green
"Thank you for being a very important part of The Magnetic Gathering this year. You share the same Love that I have for all the people of our scene. We want them to have Fun but most of all to be Safe. Your medical staff are festival goers themselves which means they understand the things that go on, therefore giving them the best knowledge of how to care for each situation, with the least amount of impact. you were such a blessing and pleasure, see you next festival season."
Matt Green, Producer, Magnetic Gathering

Marc Brownstein
"Having been in an environment that needs this kind of service for over a decade, it's great to see that someone has finally stepped up to take care of the community."
Marc Brownstein, The Disco Biscuits

Lowell Wurster
"Jamcare is a wonderful organization with a highly skilled and very personable staff. After hiring Jamcare for our 5th year of Backwoods Pondfest I can guarantee I will no longer need to search year after year for competent trained EMTS whom I feel comfortable with operating on my property. I trust the Jamcare staff to make the correct decisions on behalf of myself and my partners when it comes to any and all medical situations. If you are a promoter that truly cares about the well being of your festival attendees then Jamcare is the organization for your show. Unfortunately, we all know that people can make bad choices when it comes to the substances and the quantity of the substances they put in their body at festivals. For those in need of help, Jamcare creates a very comfortable environment for these individuals. They work out of a “cool down tent” within earshot of the music. They are well stocked with plenty of water, snacks, and cots for people that just need a little help relaxing and a bit of time to realize that they are going to be okay, they are in control of their environment, and they are going to be just fine. Jamcare staff not only has trained EMTS but trained psychologists who know how to help these folks relax and regain their composure. Their expertise allow them to address a majority of situations that arise onsite minimizing the need for local medical response teams, unlike other events where one can see ambulances arriving and departing on a regular basis. Highly trained EMTS often come up short when it comes to addressing the unique issues that arise at a festival, unlike the folks at Jamcare. That being said, the highly trained medical staff from Jamcare are also acutely aware of when it is necessary to seek out the services of off site medical assistance when someone does indeed need to be sent to the hospital for further assistance. Needless to say, I will be hiring Jamcare for all future Backwoods Pondfests and any other events that Backwoods Promotions may be a part of. "
Lowell Wurster, Backwoods Promotions Inc.

Pam K
"On behalf of my entire staff, thank you for making our jobs a pleasure. You were all so easy to work with this weekend, making this festival an amazing success. We could not have asked for more wonderful guests. I hope you are all resting or traveling safely."
Pam K, Catskill Chill & LIFT Festival

Sean Rooney
"The Jamcare medical staff is the most professional, and conscientious group of medical personnel we've had the pleasure to work with. Their commitment to keeping people safe as well as their kindness, casual attitudes and situational awarenesss combine to a product that no dollar amount can be put on. We look forward to working with Jamcare in the future and will be including them in our future events."
Sean Rooney, Lespeshtival

Crystal Wiggins
"Jamcare at Magnetic Gathering was absolutely amazing! The volunteers and the EMT's went beyond what was expected and asked of them! They were a real overall help. I most certainly could not see Magnetic Gathering 2.0 without them!!!! Thank you SO much Jamcare for sending an amazing crew! I hope that next year the entire Jamcare family can make it out!!!"
Crystal Wiggins
Co-Producer, Magnetic Gathering

Randy Corner
"Although we only had 1 instance of a person having serious medical trouble, we found Jamcare's services to be overly sufficient, professional and qualified. Jamcare works very hard and goes beyond the perimeters required."
Randy Corner
Land owner of Wolfsburg Farm
(Grounds of Magnetic Gathering)

Gary Chetkof
"We were very pleased to have Jamcare involved in Mountain Jam in 2011. I never realized how helpful they would be to some of our campers! Jamcare is very professional and self-sufficient. Bringing them back is a no-brainer. I highly recommend them."
Gary Chetkof
Radio Woodstock/Mountain Jam/Bluestock

Brock Butler
"A fantastic service. Peace of Mind. A credit to any festival or event."
Brock Butler, Perpetual Groove

Jason Flagler
"What unbelievable professionalism! The men and women from Jamcare were unbelievable under difficult conditions. Danny and his crew were the best most professional people I have had the pleasure of working with and would strongly recommend incorporating them into your event! You will be very satisfied with their understanding of the scene and how to handle some rough situations!"
Jason Flagler - Jam at the Grove, Producer

Ben Lanza
"Thanks for helping to make the Liberate Music & Yoga Festival prepared to handle medical issues! Its very reassuring to have professional and experienced help on the team. I'd welcome and recommend Jamcare's help and involvement anytime!"
Ben Lanza - Eclectic Music Productions, President/Co-Founder

Bethany Lokken
"This is one of the most groundbreaking and logical operations I have seen in my 10 years of touring. The music/festival scene is changing and it's inspiring to see a heartfelt group with a passion for health and awareness."
Bethany Lokken - Orchard Lounge

Eli Winderman
"Its a great concept to keep as many aspects of the festival experience in house if the appropriate resources are avaialble. Jamcare is what it's all about!"
Eli Winderman - Dopapod

Ivan Neville
"The fact that people who love, listen to and are a part of the music world and have a better understanding of the needs of said world is of major importance. I fully support Jamcare's initiative and system!"
Ivan Neville - Dumpstafunk

Ben Silver
"This is a great idea that has been a great idea since Woodstock. Sometimes people who can relate or understand certain circumstances are more helpful than the police or ambulances."
Ben Silver - Orchard Lounge

Joe Russo
"Festival attendees deserve the best medical and psychological care possible. No service is designed more appropriately to meet a festival's unique medical needs than Jamcare Medical. They serve the community with integrity and without judgement, and in doing so really make a difference."
Joe Russo - Further, Shpongle, Benvento/Russo Duo

Adam Smirnoff
"Music festivals need to have the best medical care available. They also need to have people who are knowledgeable , intuitive, and loving to deal with crisis intervention and drug related emergencies. With Jamcare, you get exactly that."
Adam "Shmeeans" Smirnoff - Lettuce

"As a seasonal artist in the electronic scene, I see Jamcare's services as a gateway to the future of successful and healthy festivals."
Derek Van Scoten - D.V.S.

Christopher Peter VanderEssen
"Festivals have unique medical needs that should be left to the PRO's and not the local EMT's."
Christopher Peter VanderEssen - Rock the Resort

Eric Krasno
"Every music festival needs a medical service, and there is no one more qualified and capable of running a program like this than my friend Avi Goldberg. I fully support Jamcare!"
Eric Krasno - Soulive

Dave Marzollo
"Jamcare Medical provides excellent medical care by seasoned professionals. Given the performance of Mr. Goldberg and his associates at the inaugural Chill, you can expect to see them for the Second Annual Catskill Chill Music Festival."
Dave Marzollo - Catskill Chill

Neal Evans
"Jamcare has become an essential part of music festivals. It's great to know that when one is need of assistance they are in the hands of caring, experienced professionals. Thank you Avi, and thank you to everyone who is involved in Jamcare!"
Neal Evans - Soulive

Matthew Fisch
"Shireworks has used Jamcare services to cover The Big Up Music & Arts Festival. With Jamcare we were able to minimize transports through a managed approach which balanced the often conflicting interests of patients, event promoters, property owners, insurance companies and medical providers. Jamcare's first-responder methodology minimized the need for additional care in most cases and served our patrons without direct cost to the consumer."
Matthew Fisch - The Big Up

Alecia Chakour
"A service like this should be provided at every festival! Making care accessible and free of judgement will ensure that all the beautiful music lovers are safe, healthy and enjoying festivals as they should!"
Alecia Chakour